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About Betul

Betul is one of the southern districts of Madhya Pradesh state. Betul though an underdeveloped district in Madhya Pradesh it has immense potential to emerge as an important economic zone. Betul holds a distinct place due to its beautiful tourist destinations and diverse culture. Besides, Betul also stands out for its huge tribal population. Assessment of this part will reflect the hidden potential busy yet beautiful city of Betul.

Informations on Betul

Brief History of Betul

The ancient history of this place is still subject of great mystery. However, some historical records do suggest that this place may have been political nerve center of the ancient Gond kingdom. This theory is based on the fact that Gond tribe, who are considered to be decedents of Gond kingdom, make up a substantial part of Betul’s population today. In the year 1818 Betul passed from the hands of Marthas who ceded this district to the East India Company. Historically, the name ‘Betul’ was associated with Betul Bazaar, which is believed to have been located just 5 kms from the heart of modern day Betul city. This local bazaar is still very much in existence and its unique name surely caught up with residents here and the entire area slowly became synonymous with this name.  For More Click Here

Local Administration of Betul

About Betul
Just like all other districts ,local administration of Betul is mainly looked after by District Collector/Magistrate. The head office of Betul’s District Collector is located in Betul city, which is administrative capital of the district. He is obviously assisted by hordes of other officers and departments in day-to-day administrative execution of the district. Another very important local administrative body is Betul Municipality, whose jurisdiction is limited only to Betul city.  For More Click Here

District Collector of Betul
Rajesh Prasad Misra
Collectorate campus, Betul 460001 (M.P.)
Ph : +91-07141-230034
E-Mail : dmbetul@nic.in

Geography of Betul

Betul Overview

Geographical features of Betul is notably unique. Betul is located between 21-22 and 22-24 degrees North Latitude and between 77-10 and 78-33 degrees East Longitude. It is surrounded by Amravati district of Maharashtra on south, Chhindwara District on the east, Hoshangabad district, East Nimar and Amravati on the west and Hoshangabad district on the north side. Betul is immensely rich in flora and Bio diversity. This is vindicated by the fact that forest area makes up for a huge portion of district’s total land and huge presence of Satpura Mountain Range. Besides, there is no dearth of minerals and the quality of soil found here is also equally good. For More Click Here

Business and Economy of Betul

As far as economic profile of the district is concerned, Betul has an agrarian based economy. Most people’s livelihood in the district is solely based on this traditional occupation. As for industries in the district is concerned the numbers as of today are surely very low but things are certainly improving. As per MSME’s 2011 survey (Ministry of Small and Medium enterprise), there are total 166 industrial units in the entire district, which are mostly spread across 3 industrial areas located in the entire district. Betul is currently one of 24 districts of Madhya Pradesh that is currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). As per MSME, the existing small and medium enterprises in the industries mostly constitute of the following industries:
  • Agro based
  • Soda water
  • Cotton textile
  • Woolen, silk & artificial Thread based Clothes
  • Ready-made garments & embroidery
  • Paper products
  • Leather based
  • Mineral based
  • Rubber, Plastic & petro based
Besides, unorganized sector which mostly constitute of retail sector also makes up for a huge proportion of the economy. For More Click Here

Public Utility Services in Betul

Introduction of Betul

At least in the district headquarters of Betul city, all the basic public utility services are very easily available. In the city you can find all sorts of facilities that makes the life easier. From bank branches of various private and nationalized banks to broadband and internet services you can find all. Further there are numerous mobile operators serving the city. Postal services, Courier services, LPG connection and Petrol pumps make the life more easier and compatible. For More Click Here

Transportation in Betul

The robust public transportation is mostly restricted to Betul city and its surrounding areas. Betul citybeing a headquarter of Betul district has fair amount of auto rickshaws. Besides, city in last few decades has also witnessed sporadic growth in private vehicles (mostly jeeps) that today act as lifeline for thousands of locals staying in the interior of the district. State run bus services also connect Betul city to important cities like Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior etc. As far as connectivity of Betul district to rest of India is concerned, then that is taken care by rail services – i.e. Betul Railway Station. It is the biggest and most important railway station in entire district. It connects Betul to not just important cities of M.P, but also important cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Pune, Lucknow and Patna. For More Click Here

Healthcare Services in Betul

Valuable informations on Betul

All the modern healthcare services in the district are pretty much concentrated in Betul city. Here there are fair numbers of private hospitals, which are pretty much laced with all the modern facilities. Apart from hospitals there are numerous pharmeeutical stores, path labs and blood banks serving residents of the city. Padhar Hospital, Jiwandhara General Hospital, Chirayu Childrens Hospital are some of the weell known hospitals in the region.Besides, there are also fair amount of dental clinics and chemist shops all throughout the city. For More Click Here

Belur At A Glance

Country: India
State: Madhya Pradesh
Administrative division: Narmadapuram
Headquarters: Betul, Madhya Pradesh
Area: 10,043 km2 (3,878 sq mi)
Population (2011): 1,575,247 (provisional)
Literacy: 70.1%
Sex ratio: 970
Major highways : National Highway 69

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